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Electrify NZ now the largest specialist e-bike supplier as demand for e-bikes nationally soars

Electrify NZ has become the country’s largest specialist supplier of e-bikes in New Zealand, as demand for e-bikes has grown 25 times over the past six years from an estimated 2,000 units in 2014 to an estimated 50,000 last year.

Electrify NZ, the trading name of Urban Cleantech Ltd, announced this week it has acquired competitor Electric Bikes New Zealand, the longest established e-bike supplier in the country. This means Electrify NZ now has more than 70 independent suppliers nationwide and a franchise retail operation of eight stores.

Electrify NZ founder Michael Tritt said customs import figures and other data suggested that over the last six years imports had skyrocketed from approximately 2,000 units a year in 2014 to 50,000 units in 2020.

In line with this rapid growth, Tritt says that Electrify NZ, which only sells e-bikes and related accessories, has doubled its sales in the last financial year.

Electrify NZ’s goal is to make everyone a cyclist and Michael says e-bikes have the power to do that because they make cycling accessible to anyone that knows how to ride a bike.

“Distance, hills, a sweaty commute to work. All those barriers go away with an e-bike and New Zealanders have cottoned on to that,” says Michael.

The company already distributes several major international brands including KTM, Haibike, Magnum, Gocycle and Gepida, as well as their own locally designed Black electric bikes.

The acquisition of Electric Bikes New Zealand would see them also take on Smartmotion, New Zealand’s most established e-bike brand, as well as UK-based Wisper electric bikes.

The industry has faced real challenges in recent months, as Covid-19 takes its toll on international supply chains, but Michael says their inhouse brands, designed in New Zealand and manufactured in China, have help shield the company from some of the turmoil.

“Some bikes we ordered from Europe two years ago still haven’t arrived but our inhouse brands designed in New Zealand and manufactured in China mean we have a fairly solid supply chain,” says Michael.

“Our purchase of Electric Bikes New Zealand and the taking on of their inhouse brand Smartmotion, also designed here in New Zealand, will help give further certainty to our supply.”

The deal will see Electric Bike New Zealand founder Anthony Clyde join Electrify NZ in an advisory and design capacity.

“In many ways Anthony is the person who started and drove the e-bike revolution here in New Zealand and we’re excited to have his expertise on our team,” says Michael.

 Anthony says the acquisition is a logical progression for Electric Bikes New Zealand.

“Our focus has always been on designing and distributing bikes that meet the needs of New Zealand customers, and with Electrify NZ’s trading company, Urban Cleantech, being 100% New Zealand owned, we know that the customer focused values that have driven our success will be continued into the future,” Anthony says.

“With this sale, I’m looking forward to focusing on e-bike design moving forward, which is where my passion for e-bikes began.”

Michael Tritt; Electrify NZ