PR With Purpose!

HMC is a social enterprise - every project we complete for clients is a PR with purpose project.  That's because 100% of our profits are donated to All Good Ventures, a registered New Zealand charity.

The profits from HMC are donated to All Good Ventures, which provides support to help social entrepreneurs start up businesses for good.  All Good Ventures provides social entrepreneurs with three Ms:

  1. Money – small grants to help get the business up and running.
  2. Mentorship – business mentorship from successful entrepreneurs.
  3. Muscle – access to networks of volunteer to help get jobs accomplished.

That means HMC clients are not only investing in HMC’s PR services – they are also partnering with HMC to make a difference in the world.  That’s what we call ‘PR with purpose!’

Click the video below to learn more about All Good Ventures:

Our Projects

​Ministry of Chai : Hamilton, New Zealand

Ministry of Chai (Hamilton)  is a mobile chai tea cart business founded by Esther Burnett.  

Esther is working to expand Ministry of Chai, offering private event hire and an online shop ,to enable profits to be funnelled into 1-2 community projects in rural India that focus on women and children’s education.

Restore Enterprises : Queensland, Australia

Restore Enterprises  aims to employ those with disabilities, injuries and mental illness to manufacture and restore furniture for sale.

The goal is to nurture their employment skills in a secure environment, and later see them move into permanent work with other employers.

Ridi Trading : Nairobi, Kenya

Ridi Trading is an online trade arm to existing social enterprise Adili Africa, founded by project leader  Peninah Wambua in 2019. 

It will enable extremely poor Nairobi artisans including weavers, carvers, painters and the like to sell their products online both locally and internationally. 

Thunderbird Studios : Canada

Thunderbird Studios (Canada) works with young indigenous addicts and human trafficking survivors in the far north of Canada.

Project leader, John Lambert, is a third-generation First Nations wood carver and, having experienced violence and family addiction firsthand, he is passionate about assisting those affected by it. 

The Good Karma Co: Auckland, New Zealand

A social enterprise who make minimalist home and bath products from natural ingredients. They are committed to use 100% of their profits to end global poverty - focusing on education. 

They hope to build a library, as a first step, and eventually a school.                                                Learn more :

Our Remainders, Phillipa Holmes : Auckland NZ

Creation of a high-end food product line that is solely made from rescued food ( jams, chutneys, soups, etc) . Profits from this line will be put back into solving food security issues and help free people from food insecurity, hire people into jobs and lift them out of poverty, and help support reducing waste to landfill. Learn more :

Whistlebox app : Wellington, New Zealand

An app that will be helpful for people affected by family violence, anxiety, and road rage.  When the user is stressed or their heart-rate (bpm) increases, it triggers the app to play media. Profits from the app will be funnelled back into various charities.

Learn more:

Morningside Urban Market Garden : Auckland

Helping refugee women in Auckland develop gardening and business skills, brush up on their English and develop a sense of belonging in the community. All Good Ventures funds have helped buy capital equipment and are providing ongoing strategic assistance. Learn more : Follow them on Facebook    Check out TV coverage of their Eden Park project

One Day Health : Rural Uganda

Building simple health centres in rural  Uganda. The vision is that every person in  Uganda will be within one day’s walk of a health centre. 

Funds will help build 9 new health centres, providing up to 20,000 with access to healthcare.  Learn more:  View their website