PR With Purpose!

HMC is a social enterprise.  100% of our profits are donated to All Good Ventures, a registered New Zealand charity.

The profits from HMC are donated to All Good Ventures, which provides support to help social entrepreneurs start up businesses for good.  All Good Ventures provides social entrepreneurs with three Ms:

  1. Money – small grants to help get the business up and running.
  2. Mentorship – business mentorship from successful entrepreneurs.
  3. Muscle – access to networks of volunteer to help get jobs accomplished.

That means HMC clients are not only investing in HMC’s PR services – they are also partnering with HMC to make a difference in the world.  That’s what we call ‘PR with purpose!’

All Good Ventures

All Good Ventures only supports businesses whose profits are used for ‘good,’ and all supported ventures provide ‘freedom’ to a targeted people group.  Read more at 

All Good Ventures began operating in 2019.  The following are the current social enterprises it supports:

Morningside Urban Market Garden

Helping refugee women in Auckland develop gardening and business skills, brush up on their English and develop a sense of belonging in the community.

All Good Ventures funds have helped buy capital equipment ahead of the first spring growing season. Plus, our mentors are providing ongoing strategic assistance.

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Check out TV coverage of their Eden Park project

One Day Health

Building simple health centres in rural  Uganda.  The vision is that every person in  Uganda will be within one day’s walk of a health centre.  

All Good Ventures funds will help build 9 new health centres, providing up to 20,000 with access to healthcare who otherwise could not easily access.

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