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Crisis communication

Company issues and crises usually happen around 4pm on a Friday afternoon, right? Well, that’s okay as our senior team is on call and can help you no matter when a crisis occurs in your business.

We can help with the full gamut of crisis and issues communication support:

  • Media management during crisis 

  • Crisis communications planning 

  • Issues mitigation strategies 

We’re skilled at assisting companies to respond quickly to an operational crisis – whether you need support in responding to media, communicating with customers, monitoring social media or keeping the public informed.

Our senior consultants can come on-site to your location and assimilate into your leadership team.  We’ll quickly take the lead on all your communications needs. Plus, our wider team at HMC provides backup support to cover all the details required to execute the necessary communications so your in-house team can focus on operations.

We will be there to help you not only manage the crisis at hand, but also manage your way through the critical ‘crisis after the crisis’ phase.

We also offer crisis communications training.