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Social media and websites

We live in an online world, so it's essential that the places your audiences finds you online are visually appealing while giving your audiences the content they want.  HMC can help you build a simple, affordable and beautiful website on the Rocketspark platform.  We can handle the whole project from planning, photoshoots, writing for SEO and the technical build.  Writing for digital platforms like the web is a special skill and we can help.

Our content development expertise for digital platforms also extends to social media channels. HMC can help you put together a social media strategy that helps achieve your overall reputation and relationship goals.  We can also help with the 'doing' to produce organic and paid posts.

From planning, designing straight through to writing for digital platforms - HMC can help.

What we do

Social media - organic and paid

Gone are the days when organisations could treat their social media as an add-on to their ‘serious’ communications channels or think of them as a nice-to-have. Now, organisations need to 'be social', not just 'do social'.

For the vast majority of organisations, social channels are an essential communications tool that allow for direct, quick and cost-effective communications with both mass and niche audiences. 

As a PR agency, we approach social media in a much different way than most advertising, marketing or social media agencies.  We ensure that your social strategy entirely aligns with your organisation’s wider communications strategy and contributes to your business goals. We recognise that social media isn't about individual posts, it is about the relationships you build with current and potential clients/customers.

Our holistic communications approach means each post aligns to a bigger goal and brings you one step closer to building the reputation and relationships you desire. 

HMC can help you get your social on track and manage your channels with efficiency and ease.

Website builds - including ecommerce

Getting your digital home working well and looking great is imperative for any business. As a PR agency, we know that a good website is one of the best tools to communicate who your company is and what you stand for. Making sure it aligns with your business strategy and vision will ensure you take your customers or clients on the right journey.

Your company website should be visual, and use succinct and clear language that is understandable to the average Joe. And if you're selling products on your website, everything on your site needs to encourage people to buy.

It’s also important to remember the journey doesn’t end once your website is live; make sure your site is optimised for SEO and invest in some digital marketing activities. A website is not a ‘set and forget’ marketing tool; you should be uploading regular content such as blog posts, and update your key visuals so frequent visitors don’t get bored.

HMC is a Rocketspark partner, so we can build you a dynamic website on their easy to use platform, managing the process from start to finish.

We can also work with your existing partners to get your current website up-to-scratch, or project manage your web team to make sure it’s a communication tool you can be proud of.