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Public relations

HMC provides all the public relations and corporate communications you would expect of a leading PR agency. 

Public relations & communications strategy

If you hang around the HMC team long enough, you’ll soon hear us say, “We always start with a plan.”

For our key clients, we take them through an annual planning process. We work together with their leadership teams to put together a communication plan that sits alongside the business plan to help achieve business goals.

Whether you need a corporate communications strategy or a tactical communications plan, HMC can help.

Project communications planning

Projects crop up throughout the year where you know you need to manage communications risk, utilise traditional and social media, influence influencers, communicate important news to staff, customers and others. 

HMC helps our clients carefully think through a detailed communications plan so that project goals are achieved, everyone is informed along the way and your reputation is enhanced through your communications process.

IPO and capital raise communciations

HMC can work with your company's key advisors to develop a communications strategy leading up to your initial public offering (IPO) on the NZX or an important capital raise.  We'll help you gain positive media attention that reaches potential investors and influencers.

Our most recent IPO client is Cannasouth, whom we continue to work with post-IPO to maintain a positive profile in media and with their many stakeholders.

Annual reports and publications

Your annual report is a key document that can be used to share your best stories of the year with key audiences who matter most.  It's a mistake to think of your annual report simply as a compliance document.  And while you're at it, consider maximising the PR opportunity your annual cycle provides by complementing your annual report with media publicity, a great year-in-review video and more.

In addition to annual reports, HMC can also assist to write and project manage a range of corporate publications.

Community relations

Whether you are a business or a not-for-profit, there are many different people whose opinions and actions influence the success of your organisation.

These influential people might be local government leaders, industry bodies, major customers, outspoken people in your community, neighbouring businesses or residents and more.

For your business to succeed, you want to ensure each of these influential groups are well-informed about your organisation. And you want them to feel valued and understood.

Building relationships with your community and beyond takes a planned and purposeful approach. HMC can help you develop an effective plan to ensure you have great relationships that help – not hinder – you to achieve your goals.

Media publicity 

If publicity through online, print, radio or TV is something your company requires then HMC can help.

HMC has excellent relationships with journalists, editors and producers throughout New Zealand in a wide range of mass and industry-specific media.

Our full team has a nose for news, we know how to write press releases for news media and we know how to pitch news stories editors want.

Take a look at our News page to see a range of media stories we've written for clients recently.

Internal communications

One of the most effective ways to increase staff motivation, provide a reason to come to work everyday and inspire a great sense of team is through clear and effective top-down, bottom-up and sideways communication.

HMC can bring an external perspective and help you assess how your company communicates with staff.  We’ll keep what’s working, ditch what’s not and provide a few new tools to freshen up your internal communications channels.  The end result will be a positive culture with all your staff rowing in unison, together in in the same boat to achieve your business goals.

Awards writing and publicity 

Applying for - and winning! - awards is one of the best ways to achieve publicity for your organisation and build a reputation as an industry leader.

Writing a great award application is a unique skill and especially becomes tricky when the application limits your words.  HMC has a great track record of writing award applications that have contributed to our clients' wins.

HMC can also help with publicity when you are named a finalist and when you win.  Relying on the awarding organisation for your publicity is never enough, so let us help ensure this amazing PR opportunity is maximised.

Communications team outsourcing

For organisations going through times of change, redundancies or a period of growth, HMC can relocate one or several team members to your offices for either a short or long-term period.  In the past few years, we've done this for CRV, the University of Waikato (12 months) and Pinnacle Midlands Health Network (24 months).

And while we operate as part of your internal team, we can also help you plan the resource you need to establish a permanent team.  We'll even assist with interviewing potential candidates as part of your recruitment process.

Change communication

Major changes happen from time to time in any organisation.  They can include:

  • Redundancies

  • Restructure

  • Leadership changes

  • Company sale

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Company move

And they can include really positive news too, of course.  But with change comes potential staff and customer anxiety and potential for misunderstandings.  And if your negative change affects your community, then you have the potential for reputational damage in the media, on social media and though bad word of mouth.  Worse case, poor communication can affect short-term revenues and long-term staff and customer loyalty.

HMC can help you plan for every communication risk and help you through every step of announcing the change and navigating your way through every stage.