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a podcast by HMC

Designed to lift the lid on public relations and communications, CRUNCH is a podcast that encourages important conversations on subjects affecting business leaders and professionals across various industries. 

The CRUNCH podcast discusses “crucial chats over lunch” with guest business experts and HMC team members.  We provide valuable insights into topics where strategic communications and business challenges collide.

Get ready to embark on a ‘PR learning adventure’ with CRUNCH!

Three-time winner of the PR Institute of NZ’s ‘Small PR Agency of the Year,’ the HMC team provides practical wisdom to help business leaders turbocharge their reputation-building game.

Tune in to CRUNCH for entertaining insights that will empower you to forge connections and relationships with those who matter most in your industry. Whether you are steering the ship as a visionary CEO, orchestrating strategy from the boardroom, or driving a dynamic communications team, the HMC crew is your ultimate partner for PR success.

Join us and our amazing line-up of experts as we dive deep into the trenches of reputational challenges. From building your brand, to encouraging staff loyalty, to handling issues and crises, the HMC team will equip you with proven PR strategies.

And that’s not all – buckle up for episodes that unravel the mystique behind the latest digital PR trends. Wondering if you should seize the trend or let it slide? We’ve got your back with insights that slice through the noise and deliver crystal-clear information you can use to succeed in your leadership role.

CRUNCH – it’s a bite-sized taster on the topic of public relations and strategic communications. Dive in now!

Hosted by Mark Hunter

Introducing Mark, the host of the CRUNCH podcast! Mark's journey at HMC began as one of our talented writers. Prior to joining the HMC team, he honed his creative skills as an agency art director and freelance creative.

Leveraging his extensive experience in the realms of agency and marketing, Mark brings a diverse skill set to HMC. This impressive repertoire encompasses brand inception and evolution, concept ideation, graphic design, and crafting compelling copy for advertising, branding, and social media content.

Oh and did we mention that he has a fantastic radio voice?