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a podcast by HMC

Designed to lift the lid on public relations and communications, CRUNCH is a podcast that encourages important conversations on subjects affecting business leaders and professionals across various industries. 

The CRUNCH podcast discusses “crucial chats over lunch” with guest business experts and HMC team members.  We provide valuable insights into topics where strategic communications and business challenges collide.

Get ready to embark on a ‘PR learning adventure’ with CRUNCH!

Three-time winner of the PR Institute of NZ’s ‘Small PR Agency of the Year,’ the HMC team provides practical wisdom to help business leaders turbocharge their reputation-building game.

Tune in to CRUNCH for entertaining insights that will empower you to forge connections and relationships with those who matter most in your industry. Whether you are steering the ship as a visionary CEO, orchestrating strategy from the boardroom, or driving a dynamic communications team, the HMC crew is your ultimate partner for PR success.

Join us and our amazing line-up of experts as we dive deep into the trenches of reputational challenges. From building your brand, to encouraging staff loyalty, to handling issues and crises, the HMC team will equip you with proven PR strategies.

And that’s not all – buckle up for episodes that unravel the mystique behind the latest digital PR trends. Wondering if you should seize the trend or let it slide? We’ve got your back with insights that slice through the noise and deliver crystal-clear information you can use to succeed in your leadership role.

CRUNCH – it’s a bite-sized taster on the topic of public relations and strategic communications. Dive in now!

5 Foundations for Building a Personal Brand

GUEST: Jeremy O'Rourke, managing director Lodge Real Estate

If you are a business leader who wants to be a 'thought leader' in your industry, a person whose opinion matters to staff and stakeholders and/or someone the media and key stakeholders seek out for valuable insights . . . then this episode is for you. 

We discuss the 5 foundations for building a personal brand.

The PR Power of TikTok: using short-form video to achieve business goals

GUESTS: Vanessa Williams, general manager of HCBA & Vicky Redwood, marketing manager of HCBA

Join us in this episode as we delve into the dynamic world of TikTok and its transformation from a teenage playground to a business tool. 

Insights from a leading CEO and Marketing Manager will help you discover how organisations are leveraging the TikTok platform to boost reputation and build relationships. This episode will help you determine if TikToking is a good PR tool for your business. 

The PR of Podcasts: maximise your content

GUEST: Kane Power, director of Precision Podcasting

Podcasting is a public relations dream - when done well.

This podcast about podcasts talks about the power of a quality podcast to help you build credibility and, over time, a 'leadership brand.'

We walk you through how to maximise the 'content' from one podcast episode and distribute through multiple channels. We also talk about the critical importance of putting a communications strategy and action plan alongside your podcast to gain subscribers and listens.

The HMC team is joined by Kane Power, the owner of Precision Podcasting. You'll gain insights from his deep knowledge of this specialised content platform. And he gives some tips to help ensure your foray into podcasting produces a quality result.

Building Trust in the Age of ChatGPT

GUEST: Chris Williams, CEO of King St

Is your organisation considered to be a 'high trust' organisation? Why is it important to build trust? What are the benefits of purposefully building trust?

In this episode, we explore the idea of trust and the challenges of building trust, particularly in the current 'age of generative AI.'

We tackle tricky questions, such as: "Are communities ready for AI?" "Should you disclose if you are using generative AI?" "How do we bring communities along with us on our generative AI journey?"

Building an employer-of-choice reputation

GUESTS:  Founder and executive recruiter at Everest Group, Senga Allen and business development manager at Perrin Ag, Michael Matthews.

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge that companies face on a daily basis. To stand out in the crowd and become an employer of choice, an effective employer brand is essential. But how can you build and maintain such a brand that not only attracts the best talent but also retains them? A careful communications strategy one of the keys.

Essential Leadership Tips for Crisis Communication

GUEST: Julien Leys, crisis management specialist

Julien Leys, crisis management specialist, joins HMC director Heather Claycomb and HMC senior account manager Kate Webber on this information-rich episode.

These three senior PR advisors talk through several of the crises they've managed during their careers and provide essential crisis communications tips for any leader who is managing a crisis.

You'll walk away from this episode with a deeper understanding of the difference between a crisis and and issue. We talk through how to prepare for your next crisis and your next issue.

And we give tips for maintaining trust through a crisis and using these tough times as an opportunity to build relationships with staff, stakeholders and your community.

Social media influencers and 3rd party endorsement

GUEST: Zoe Virtue, Head of Group Social at DDB Group

In this episode of CRUNCH, we unlock a few secrets of the world of influencers and content-creators and explore the power of third-party endorsement. This time-tested PR strategy has undergone a contemporary evolution over the past decade or so, and our panel of experts provide a few tips.

Our guest, Zoe Virtue, Head of Group Social at DDB Group in New Zealand, has a wealth of experience working with influencers and content creators. Joining her are HMC Managing Director Heather Claycomb and Digital PR Content Co-ordinator Jamie Batters.

In this episode, we unravel the evolving landscape of third-party endorsement and its pivotal role in the influencer era. Learn how influencers are reshaping PR dynamics and discover the invaluable lessons PR professionals can glean from the strategies employed through this strategy. From building authentic connections to leveraging online communities, our panel dissects the nuances of influencer PR, providing insights that can elevate your next PR strategy.

Even if the jury is out for you and you haven't used influencers before, this podcast delves into how influencers can teach PR professionals the art of mastering third-party endorsement.

Hosted by Mark Hunter

Introducing Mark, the host of the CRUNCH podcast! Mark's journey at HMC began as one of our talented writers. Prior to joining the HMC team, he honed his creative skills as an agency art director and freelance creative.

Leveraging his extensive experience in the realms of agency and marketing, Mark brings a diverse skill set to HMC. This impressive repertoire encompasses brand inception and evolution, concept ideation, graphic design, and crafting compelling copy for advertising, branding, and social media content.

Oh and did we mention that he has a fantastic radio voice?