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HMC's podcast CRUNCH features leaders talking to leaders, providing insights into effective use of strategic communications and its impacts on reputation, trust and the bottom line.  

These CRUcial conversations are easily digested over a quick lUNCH break.  Our desire is for listeners to walk away with learnings they can implement straight away.  

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"Leading with and communicating purpose", Pat Peoples

In this episode of CRUNCH, Heather Claycomb managing director of HMC and Tania Witheford, CEO of CELF, interview Schick Civil Construction owner Pat Peoples. 

Pat took on the role of General Manager of Schick in 2000 and three years later acquired the company.  As managing director, Pat initiated a programme of expansion into the wider civil construction market.  And over the past 20 years, the company has doubled its size every five years.

Our ‘crucial’ conversation with Pat today provides leaders with some great lessons about how to truly live your organisation’s ‘why’ and how to communicate purpose and values to staff while going through rapid expansion and change. 

Pat also leaves us with some of his greatest leadership learnings, including lessons he’s brought into his corporate life from his time in high-performance sport as an Olympic rower in the 1990s.