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While marketing and public relations (PR) are two very different disciplines, we believe PR can be used to amplify your marketing efforts.  See more detail down the page about how HMC's marketing communications services can help with product launches, seasonal campaigns, product sampling and email marketing.

The HMC team understands your marketing action plan starts with your sales goals. And your marketing efforts are about making the phones and tills ring.  We believe a great PR plan can sit alongside your marketing plan to give your efforts a boost. HMC’s marketing communications support often includes:

  • Media publicity relating to a market situation, product or customer

  • Publicity stunts and campaigns that align with marketing launches

  • Customer testimonials for online and social use

  • Advertorial and advert writing

  • Writing for web, brochures, flyers, customer letters and newsletters

  • And more….

Give us a call to learn more about how a great PR plan can give your marketing campaign a shot in the arm.

Marketing communications services 

Product launch and seasonal PR campaigns

When an organisation launches a new product, service or even a new company, media publicity can be the best value for money in getting the word out to the public and your industry.

At HMC, we have a structured approach to creating a launch publicity plan for clients when these opportunities arise. 

We take a strategic approach to everything we do – so, your publicity plan will always align to your business goals. For instance, if you are looking for international investment then we work to get your stories picked up in media outlets that reach an international audience. Or if you are launching a product for a particular industry solution, we target the best-read and viewed industry media.

Email marketing strategy & CRM

It's widely known in marketing circles that it's much easier to keep a customer than to gain a new one. That's why it's important to 'nurture' your customers to create loyal brand fans, that keep coming back to you time after time. At HMC, we're all about building strong relationships and that's why we excel at customer relationship management (CRM); we know what it takes to keep customers interested and engaged.

If you're looking to build some brand loyalty, we can help by crafting email and other direct communications, as part of a wider loyalty strategy focused on achieving your long-term goals.