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Businesses shifting Health and Safety management systems online

Businesses shifting Health and Safety management systems online

Businesses shifting Health and Safety management systems online

Waikato human resources consultancy, Everest Group, said a trend is emerging with many businesses switching from paper-based Health and Safety management systems to online tools.

Karen Wells, who started with the Everest Group last month, said "We're seeing more and more businesses who are extremely concerned with ensuring their systems are compliant with the Health and Safety Reform Bill, which was passed by parliament last week.

"During the lead-up to this, and since it was passed, businesses have been increasingly demanding online management tools as a hassle-free way to accomplish their health and safety compliance requirements.

"More and more, businesses are realising that there are electronic systems that help them meet health and safety compliance requirements in a more efficient way.

"Between now and April 2016, when the Health and Safety at Work Act comes into effect, we are expecting a continual rise in businesses switching away from paper-based systems."

The demand for online health and safety management tools was a key reason behind Everest Group's recent appointment of Karen Wells. She has exclusive distribution and training rights, in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas, to a cloud-based health and safety management solution, called Safety Manager.

Karen has worked in health and safety for over ten years, initially working in construction before moving into advisory and consulting roles offering services across many different industries and sectors around New Zealand.

Karen recommends businesses move away from paper-based Health and Safety systems "which result in lost time and money."

"All employers have duties to take practicable steps to ensure the safety of employees at work. Making it possible for them to do so online is the way of the future," she said.

Karen says she hopes her new role with Everest group will allow more Waikato and Bay of Plenty businesses to be supported in their desire to move their Health and Safety systems online.

Karen holds a NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health; a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. She is a registered safety auditor with the NZ Safety Council and a member of NZISM.