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Heather Named Chair of PRINZ

If you didn’t catch the news on LinkedIn, our director Heather has taken up the helm of Chair of the PR Institute of NZ (PRINZ).
PRINZ is the membership body for the public relations and strategic communications profession.  The organisation provides continuing professional development to members and non-members, advocates for the profession, runs the prestigious annual PRINZ Awards and promotes ethical practise.
Heather says, “It’s an exciting time for people working in communications.  Over the past two years, most organisations have really seen the value that communications professionals bring to an organisation whether that’s through better internal communications, managing issues and crises, educating people about life-saving health information, bringing a te ao Māori perspective to an organisation’s voice and so much more. 
“At the same time, the profession has undergone significant change.  No longer are PR professionals simply working with media, as is still the perception of many people.  We have the opportunity to influence organisations’ stakeholder engagement, social media strategy, digital content creation, brand loyalty, reputation management, Google search rankings and so much more.  Our professional is incredibly broad and complex.
“We have a new board of directors, a new CEO and we’re hiring a new team at head office in Auckland.  It’s an exciting time to build on the 50-year legacy of PRINZ, while taking the organisation forward in a fresh new way - a way that supports our profession and promotes the amazing work our members do each day.”
HMC has been a member of PRINZ since 2009.