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Three new partners appointed to Tompkins Wake legal team in Auckland and Hamilton

Leading law firm Tompkins Wake is pleased to announce the appointment of three new partners: Daniel Erickson, Wayne Hofer and Karina McLuskie.

Daniel joins the Auckland office of Tompkins Wake from the firm he helped establish, Douglas Erickson. For Daniel the switch to Tompkins Wake was the right career move at the right time.

“In my own firm, I was having to deal with admin and the daily tasks of running a business. What I wanted was freedom to take my skills and practice to the next level. For that, I needed the broader expertise of a wider team. Tompkins Wake is a perfect fit. Everyone knows they’re a firm on the rise.”

Wayne Hofer’s ascension to partnership is the culmination of years of successful financial litigation at the highest level. From complex, high-profile cases in Auckland, Wayne’s talent for litigation earned him a place in the top-tier law firms in London before joining Tompkins Wake in 2020.

“In the UK, I was dealing with massive litigations. At that scale, everything is complex: the factual and legal density requires an attention to detail that is almost unreal. I worked with the best lawyers and barristers at the top of their game. I learned a lot during those years.

“As much as I enjoyed my time overseas, I’m glad to be back and close to family. And I’m extremely proud to be a partner here at Tompkins Wake.”

Karina McLuskie is the ultimate example of growing talent from within. Having joined Tompkins Wake straight from university, Karina’s talent has seen her steadily rise through the ranks. Attaining partnership is the culmination of 13 years of recognised excellence.

“The reason I’ve stayed so long is because of Mark Hammond, my supervising partner. Even as a junior, he gave me autonomy and trusted me to take responsibility for the matters I was working on. That’s not always the case in law firms. A lot of seniors refuse to hand over responsibility to the grads. Mark was the opposite. He trusted me and supported me when I needed it. All the seniors at Tompkins Wake do the same. I think that’s why our firm always has the talent to excel.”

Tompkins Wake CEO Jon Calder is delighted to have all three join the partnership team.

“Tompkins Wake turns 100 years old in 2022. The main reason we’re at that milestone is because we’ve had an enduring succession of exceptional people. Clients trust us because of that excellence, and Daniel, Wayne and Karina are part of that succession.

“We recognise their quality and that they’re the right people to join the partnership and help lead Tompkins Wake into future success. We’re privileged to have three individuals of their calibre as new partners.”

With three new partners on board, Tompkins Wake now has 28 partners across four offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga with many working across several offices. In Jon’s mind, this expansion is driven by the success achieved for their clients.

“Clients come to Tompkins Wake because they trust us and they know we’ll get them results. And they stay with us for the same reason. These strong client relationships are a big reason why Tompkins Wake was once again named ‘Leading Firm’ by The Legal 500 Asia Pacific in 2022.

“For us, that’s not merely an award to hang on the wall. It’s recognition that we have great people at every level and in every role in the firm, working together to excel for our clients who put their trust in us on the matters most important to them. That’s why we’re in the practice of law.”

Daniel Erickson; Tompkins Wake