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CRV signs exclusive agreement with NZ Wagyu

An exclusive agreement between CRV and NZ Wagyu Corporation Limited will provide New Zealand dairy farmers with the opportunity to diversify their businesses and capitalise on high returns for Wagyu dairy beef.

From this month, CRV will exclusively sell NZ Wagyu’s Black Origin Wagyu semen straws to New Zealand farmers. Until now, farmers have purchased semen directly from NZ Wagyu.

Farmers’ purchase of Black Origin Wagyu semen includes an agreement for NZ Wagyu to buy the resulting Wagyu-cross calf for a fixed premium price, agreed at the time of mating.

Wagyu beef is widely recognised as the world’s most premium beef, famous for its flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

CRV managing director James Smallwood says we are seeing increased interest from New Zealand dairy farmers to reduce their bobby calf numbers while also adding value to calves that are not being bred as herd replacements.

“Dairy beef production has become a larger part of the industry in recent years as farmers look for innovative ways to run a more sustainable business, in terms of animal welfare, environment and profitability.

“Demand from CRV customers for beef semen has increased 10 percent year-on-year for the last five years, with no sign of things slowing down.

“This demand demonstrates a real appetite from farmers to diversify their businesses and explore opportunities to boost returns. The partnership between CRV and NZ Wagyu offers them just that.

“We are proud to be working with NZ Wagyu as its exclusive Black Origin Wagyu breeding partner.

“Our collaboration means NZ Wagyu can provide its customers with security of supply. At the same time, we are creating a lucrative opportunity for New Zealand dairy farmers to diversify their farm business portfolio.

“Our partnership also provides another way CRV can help our dairy industry build upon New Zealand’s international reputation for delivering premium red meat products with provenance that is second to none.”

Black Origin Wagyu began in 2015. It combines ancient Japanese breeding genetics and 200-year-old techniques, with New Zealand’s grass, grain, water and air to create world class Wagyu.

NZ Wagyu director Arato Tsujino says the company has generated enormous demand for its premium brand in Asia and it is now working to guarantee supply. 

“Contracted market demand for Black Origin’s Wagyu beef in Asia will grow fourfold over the next two years. NZ Wagyu currently has a number of Wagyu cattle under direct management on farms here in New Zealand, but we need more to meet this burgeoning customer demand.

“NZ Wagyu has developed a reputation off-shore for delivering a truly authentic product to the end consumer with exceptional provenance. Together with CRV, we are committed to working with farmers to ensure they have access to quality semen and support during rearing to deliver a consistently premium product.”

To meet customer expectations for product quality, Black Wagyu is bred using Friesian-cross (F12+) cows. Once the resulting Wagyu calves reach their target weight, they continue to be reared on grass and then finished on grain on one of NZ Wagyu’s finishing farms.

Farmers’ contracts with NZ Wagyu will specify the types of cows the Wagyu semen can be used on and the type of calf (colour, weight and health) that will be accepted for collection. Farmers will also have the flexibility to either supply calves, rear calves to 100kg, grow the animal to 100-400kg or background* them up to 520kg.

Farmers interested in learning more should contact their local CRV sales representative. 

* Backgrounding refers to the grouping and acclimatisation of animals prior to entry into a feedlot or intensive finishing system.