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myHERD launch gives dairy farmers choice of herd recording providers

For the first time, dairy farmers have a choice of herd recording providers as CRV officially launches myHERD at Fieldays®.

Today marks 12 months since myHERD went live, but to date has only been available to CRV farmer customers. It is now available to all dairy farmers.  

CRV Information & IT Manager Andrew Singers says access to quality data is crucial for making smart herd management and breeding decisions.

“Farmers can use the data captured on farm from herd testing, DNA testing and herd recording to identify the elite animals that possess traits we want in our future dairy herds.

“Herd management tools like myHERD mean all this data can be captured in one place and used to help breed efficient, more sustainable cows.”

Singers adds that with DIGAD (Dairy Industry Good Animal Database) now live, farmers have a real choice of herd recording platform providers and better information to breed more efficient sustainable cows, without any loss of animal data.

“Farmers can now easily move their data from one platform to another, rather than being locked into one,” he says.

“The launch of myHERD represents a first for the New Zealand dairy industry. We are proud to provide dairy farmers with world class fully integrated herd recording solution that gives farmers a truly competitive option in the market.”

CRV appointed FarmIQ, one of New Zealand’s leading integrated farm software providers, to develop myHERD.

“FarmIQ’s Enterprise Dairy product can be integrated with myHERD, allowing farmers to incorporate data from a range of sources and link it all together - from interactive farm maps, environmental plans and health and safety to off-farm grazing and pasture forecasting,” says Singers.

“This integration means we can link operational areas like feed, pasture, people and compliance with actual milk production, which flows in daily from all of the milk processors. It also means farmers with multiple properties can manage everything in the once place.”

FarmIQ GM Customer Success Jock Richardson says both family and corporate farms are getting value out of having all their farm data in one place, so they can easily plan and manage their farm system throughout the season.

“There is no limit to the number of staff or third-parties with whom farmers can connect. The farmer has complete control over who has access to the information and who they want making a contribution to the success of the farm.

“By using the myHERD application, dairy farmers have more choices and more functionality at their fingertips than they have ever had before.”

myHERD also integrates with Synlait’s Lead With Pride™ programme, which recognises and financially rewards suppliers who achieve dairy farming best practice.

Lead with Pride™ is powered by FarmIQ. myHERD customers on the Lead With Pride™ programme can see both platforms using one login. This means they can manage both herd recording and Lead With Pride™ tasks in one place.

“One of our priorities when we were creating myHERD was to make sure it could be integrated with other tools and apps farmers are using to manage their business,” says Singers.

“There are plans in the pipeline to integrate myHERD with other platforms, so we are excited about the potential of myHERD to become an everyday essential decision-making tool for farmers.”  

Andrew Singers, CRV, myHERD