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Using PR stategies to leverage your marketing campaigns

15 PR lessons for a successful launch

If you are launching a new company, new product or new service you need to consider putting a PR plan alongside your marketing plan to amplify your results.  

However, we would recommend this only applies if your new ‘thing’ has news legs.  PR isn’t appropriate if, for instance, you are simply launching version 10 of your widget originally developed in 1995.

However, if your launch has news legs and is something that will have a major affect within your industry and extraordinary benefits to your audiences, then you just might have something worthy of a PR approach.  And when you implement well, you will experience:

  • Story telling that gets people excited and ready to receive your marketing messages
  • News that attracts industry influencers to your brand
  • Word-of-mouth spreading faster than any marketing campaign could promote
  • People who matter to you and your customers developing a deeper relationship with your brand

Heather shares 15 PR lessons for a successful launch in our e-book below.

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