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Hill Laboratories acquires laboratory drug analysis business from TDDA Omega Laboratories

Hill Laboratories, New Zealand’s largest privately owned analytical laboratory, has purchased the laboratory testing assets of TDDA Omega Laboratories. The sale encompasses all processes, technologies and equipment from TDDA Omega Laboratories.

The sale transitions The Drug Detection Agency’s (TDDA) critical laboratory testing services to a trusted partner in Hill Laboratories, and as part of the deal, the company becomes TDDA’s preferred lab supplier for drugs in urine testing.

Hill Laboratories’ urinalysis will provide efficient and accurate workplace drug testing across a wide panel of drugs including cannabis, methamphetamines, and opioids.

The sale allows The Drug Detection Agency to focus on its core competencies in creating safer workplaces such as providing mobile drug and alcohol testing, policy design, and drug and alcohol training and education services.

TDDA Omega Laboratory operations are currently Auckland based. They will move to Hill Laboratories’ Hamilton headquarters in late September 2020. In addition, Armin Kiani, Head of Toxicology and all lab equipment will move to the Hamilton location.  All TDDA Omega laboratory staff have been offered employment at the relocated facility. 

The equipment component of the sale includes two high-tech liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) instruments, used for the simultaneous detection and quantification of drugs and metabolites in urine samples. 

Hill Laboratories CEO, Dr Jonno Hill, says both Hill Laboratories and TDDA are New Zealand-owned companies with strongly aligned values, and he’s delighted to be adding a laboratory service that helps reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

“We’re excited to add TDDA Omega Laboratories to our already strong portfolio of testing services,” says Dr Hill.  “It allows us to expand our service offering for existing clients, and ensure the continuity, quality and timeliness for testing TDDA samples as their preferred lab partner.”

“Lab analysis is what we do best, this purchase means we can focus on best in class, accredited laboratory services for those who need it, and TDDA can focus on creating safer workplaces.”

CEO and founder of TDDA, Kirk Hardy, is confident that the sale to Hill Laboratories will allow the company to expand their workplace health and safety services. 

“We’re delighted to evolve our relationship with Hill Laboratories, it is a trusted relationship built on methamphetamine testing that’s nearly a decade old. With this sale and agreement we can now exit the TDDA Omega Laboratories business and get back to our core business of workplace safety. We’re happy to transition the lab’s technologies, processes, and most importantly our laboratory personnel, to a safe pair of hands.”

“TDDA can now give our full attention to workplace health, safety, and wellbeing products that help New Zealand and Australian businesses maintain safe workforces.”

“The completion of the sale continues a positive period of growth for Hill Laboratories, and we’re looking forward to incorporating TDDA along with other new additions to our testing portfolio. We’re bucking the 2020 trend, expect to continue our growth into 2021 and are energised by the new challenges the business units will offer,” added Dr Hill. 

Dr Jonno Hill, CEO Hill Laboratories

Dr Jonno Hill, CEO Hill Laboratories

CEO and founder TDDA, Kirk Hardy

CEO and founder TDDA, Kirk Hardy