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CRV launches one-stop-shop for herd recording and farm management

CRV launches one-stop-shop for herd recording and farm management

Dairy farmers can now manage all their herd records and data from multiple farming operations using just one tool, thanks to CRV Ambreed’s myHERD launched today.

myHERD is the result of CRV’s partnership with leading farm software provider, FarmIQ, to develop the new herd recording and farm management application, which replaces CRV Insight.

CRV Ambreed Information and IT Manager Andrew Singers says myHERD has been developed in New Zealand for Kiwi farmers.

“The development of myHERD reflects CRV’s desire to offer farmers a future-focused herd management platform.  

“Using data captured on farm, myHERD will provide farmers with practical, accessible information so they can make better decisions across their entire farming business.

FarmIQ’s Enterprise Dairy product can be integrated with myHERD, allowing farmers to incorporate data from a range of sources and link it all together - from interactive farm maps, environmental plans and health and safety to off-farm grazing and pasture forecasting.

“And it’s not just limited to dairy. Using the additional FarmIQ Enterprise Dairy programme, myHERD can also be used by farmers with a diverse portfolio, from dairy to sheep and beef blocks, and run-offs.”

CRV is confident the new tool will provide farmers with a highly functional genetics platform that gives them an integrated option in the market.

“myHERD will give farmers a choice when it comes to herd recording and management,” says Singers. “Most importantly, myHERD assures the accuracy and security of farmers’ data.”

The launch of myHERD on the FarmIQ platform will give dairy farmers the ability to manage multiple operations related to their dairy farm in one place.

“We understand how much value farmers get out of having all their farm data in one place, so they can easily plan and manage their farm system throughout the season.

“The beauty of myHERD is that there is no limit to the number of staff or third-parties with whom farmers can connect. At the same time, the farmer has peace of mind knowing they have complete control over who has access to the information. Staff entries are held as pending, allowing them to be checked before confirming them to the herd records.”

myHERD is designed to be cost-effective, easy to use and accessible by mobile. Online and offline functionality, means it can be used across properties with poor internet coverage.

myHERD also gives farmers comprehensive and easy-to-interpret reporting. They can tailor reports to suit their needs and share them with their breeding consultant, farm advisors, dairy companies, vets and accountants.

“We are now working with our InSight customers to transition them over to myHERD.”

Any farmer keen to know more about myHERD should register for updates by visiting