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Perfecting Podcasting

Smart businesses are using podcasts now

In the PR world, we’re always looking at new channels to reach a client’s target audience in a way that isn’t invasive, cuts through the noise, has impact and builds fans. 

A great channel that can do all this and more for many organisations is podcasting. HMC believes in the power of podcasting so much we recently bought a mobile podcasting studio and launched our first client podcast two months ago.

Smart businesses are using podcasts now more than ever to engage with their customers, their staff and their stakeholders.

While “everyone is doing it,” everyone is not doing it well. Podcasting can be an effective tool for growing your customer base, positioning yourself as a leader in your field, and leveraging the influence of credible guests. But it’s not as simple as recording yourself talking and uploading the file.

So, if you are considering dipping your toe into the podcasting pool, make sure you check out our five tips first!