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Refresh Your Digital Communications Strategy

​Getting your digital right is imperative

In the PR world, it’s incredibly important that you take control of your messaging to ensure your company’s digital footprint matches your offline footprint. 

And while HMC continues to work with clients to get stories into the New Zealand media, with the changing and shrinking media landscape it’s more important than ever before that you take control of making your own news.

The ‘paid content’ challenge

The challenge, however, is that you can’t get your message out online by relying on 100% organic – or non-paid – content. 

You need to think about how Google and social paid content can help you achieve your communications goals.  It’s absolutely essential to get this right.

So, have a look at HMC’s digital communications strategy template.  We hope it will help you refresh your plan – or perhaps put one together for the first time.

And remember – we’re here to help if DIY digital comms isn’t your thing!