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CLIENT NEWS - Top pool players win ‘Anywhere in the World’ trip

Top pool players win ‘Anywhere in the World’ trip

Three star pool players have won an all-expenses-paid trip to a pool tournament of their choice, anywhere in the world.

Massé’s ‘Anywhere in the World’ tournament winners Marco Teutscher, Ronald Lopez and Marvin Padrigo were announced at Massé Hamilton over the weekend, following intense competition throughout 2019.

The winners triumphed over 268 other players across Massé’s five clubs, playing 14 weekly 8 Ball tournaments, 12 weeks of 9 Ball tournaments and 11 weeks of 10 Ball tournaments.

As they worked their way through the regional tournaments, the players racked up points which determined whether they made it into the top 16.

Marco Teutscher came out on top with the most points, winning one of the trips abroad, leaving the others to play off for the two remaining spots, won by Lopez and Padrigo.

The win tops off a stellar year for Teutscher, who won the 2019 US Open 10-Ball Championships in Las Vegas in August. He took out top players from around the world in the biggest pool competition win ever for a New Zealand player.

“I am over the moon to win by gaining the most points, after playing in tournaments all year and winning the national competition two weeks ago,” says Teutscher.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself to get the top spot, as a personal commitment meant I couldn’t attend the playoffs this past weekend.”

Teutscher also took out one of the top spots in the tournament last year (by winning the playoffs), and chose to go to the Derby City Classic held just outside of Louisville, Kentucky.

He will return to Kentucky again next year to better his efforts, after placing in the top 30 overall, and winning one of the smaller sub-tournaments.

Marvin Padrigo is considering attending the 2020 Japan Open.

“The chance to take a free trip anywhere in the world is an amazing opportunity. Pool is my passion and I can’t wait to play overseas next year against some of the world’s best,” says Padrigo.

Massé general manager Bernie Endres says the deserving winners took out the prize through a combination of determination and hard work.

“It’s exciting to be able to offer prizes like this to players and give them an opportunity to travel the world, experience other cultures and grow as players,” says Endres.

“One of the key benefits from this experience is that they will come back as better players, which will in-turn lift the standards of those they compete against back here in New Zealand.

“Cue sports are one of the most accessible sports in the world - anyone can pick up a cue and start playing. With practice and dedication, anyone can work up to this level.”

The Massé season is about to wrap up for the year, but not before the VNEA 2019 Grand Final on 8 December, with a $30,000 prize pool on offer - the richest pool tournament in New Zealand.

This will be followed by the final of the Country of Origin tournament, with both being the first cue sports shown on the new Sky Sport NZ channel, Sky Sport Next.

Endres says, “This is an exciting new partnership with the New Zealand Sports Collective and Sky Sport that allows cue sports to be shown on television and reach a new and wider audience.”