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Two new partners sign with DWN

Two new partners sign with DWN

Dairy Women's Network is thrilled to welcome two new partners aboard to assist the Network in offering education and support to dairy farming women.

Farming cooperative LIC and ruminant feed manufacturer SealesWinslow have both recently signed on as partners to DWN, a not-for-profit organisation that works to support women in the business of dairying.

DWN chief executive Zelda de Villiers said the Network is extremely appreciative of the support provided by commercial partners to DWN, its members and the dairy industry.

"It's during tough economic times when commercial and industry good partnerships like these really come into their own.

"DWN as a grassroots, connected organisation provides a direct channel to dynamic New Zealand companies like SealesWinslow and LIC to share the wealth of experience and knowledge in a learning environment with dairy women."

"Women play a pivotal, but often underestimated, role in dairy farming, and it's organisations like DWN that provide those women with the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones, develop their skills and take on leadership roles within their own business, wider networks and communities, as well as the industry," said LIC chief financial officer Linda Cooper.

"We are looking forward to working closely with DWN to support learning and development initiatives – particularly in the space of herd improvement, farm performance, information technology and genetics, for the good of the whole industry."

Ballance Agri-Nutrients event and sponsorship manager Mandy McPhail said its subsidiary SealesWinslow's formalised partnership with DWN was a natural extension of Ballance's support, in the fields of feed and animal nutrition.

Ballance Agri-Nutrients has been a partner of DWN for more than two years.

"SealesWinslow's partnership with DWN provides us with the opportunity to work closely with DWN to better understand member challenges, goals and aspirations," said McPhail.

"In turn, we're able to offer members expertise and seasonally tailored support activities, from calf rearing to bulk dairy."

She agreed that the Networks role in connecting, informing, supporting and inspiring its members, in turn develops the industry as a whole.

This calving season, SealesWinslow has run regional calf rearing workshops with DWN members, focusing on developing calving plans, housing and the nutritional needs of calves before and after weaning.