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CLIENT NEWS Exclusive deal cements Quantec’s long-term presence in China

Exclusive deal cements Quantec’s long-term presence in China

An exclusive 20-year deal with China-based Holon has cemented Quantec’s long term presence in the Chinese market.

This watershed agreement will see Quantec supply a growing volume of its Immune Defense Proteins (IDP®) product to Holon for use in its mother baby health and nutrition products.

Holon is a premium distributor and a significant player in the Chinese mother baby supplement market – worth approximately NZ$4.2 billion.

The immunity products channel within this market accounts for 18 per cent or NZ$756 million of that figure. Quantec hopes this new agreement will support Holon in its efforts to secure at least a 10 per cent share of this channel.

Over the next two decades, Quantec will supply Holon with a growing volume of this natural premium milk protein formulation, representing a significant step forward for the Hamilton-based biotechnology company.

Quantec specialises in extracting high-value bioactive substances from natural products, which are then developed into unique ingredients for use in human and animal health products.

One of the bioactive ingredients they formulate is IDP®, a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent derived from fresh, pasturised cow’s milk. IDP® contains over fifty active milk proteins and is proven to strengthen immunity, rebalance healthy gut flora, and support digestive health.  

Quantec chief executive Raewyn McPhillips says the long-term agreement with Holon is a first for the company and reflects the special nature of the relationship, built up over many years of doing business together.

The exclusive agreement is a culmination of an eight-year partnership with Holon and represents a significant step in the company’s growth.

“We are thrilled to have secured a long-term agreement with Holon for the mother baby market in China,” she says. “A key part of our approach to grow Quantec is to work with strategic partners in key markets.

“Holon is a successful distribution partner, who is focused on family health and nutrition through premium products, so there is a strong synergy between our two companies.

“Together, Quantec and Holon have already achieved success in the Chinese market with our main ingredient product, IDP.

“Partnering over the next two decades will give us the opportunity to work together to offer customers additional high value products that benefit families’ health and well-being.”

Just over 18 months ago, Quantec was established in China as a wholly owned subsidiary. McPhillips says this new agreement with Holon fits with the Kiwi company’s strategy to grow business in Asia.   

Having built a strong foundation in China, Quantec is now looking to develop products for other consumer groups, such as teens and the elderly, using its IDP® milk protein formulation.  

“A key part of Quantec’s success is our passion for our customers. Our partnership with Holon means we can leverage our combined knowledge and expertise to make top quality, highly effective products our customers love, whatever their stage of life.”