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New Farmax accreditation on offer for all

New Farmax accreditation on offer for all

Pastoral science company Farmax is giving rural professionals a chance to become accredited in the Farmax system with its new accreditation process that was recently launched at the company's biennial conference.

The accreditation is offered free of charge to anyone interested in completing it.

"We often get people contacting us for recommendations on who the best people are to carry out projects using Farmax, and we will be recommending those who are 'elite' accredited," said Farmax senior technical specialist Julia Hoddinott.

"It's a fairly stringent process with three levels of accreditation and a result of 80 per cent or greater needed to pass and progress onto the next module, but it encourages best practice use of Farmax which ultimately leads to users getting the most out of the system."

The bronze module challenges the participant to create high quality biological pastoral farm systems models in Farmax, while the silver accreditation focuses on the financial information in Farmax and how it can be used to complete basic financial analysis.

The elite module focuses on the ability to create different scenarios in Farmax to come up with practical options for the farm.

"The elite module also tests participants in their ability to present their findings in a professional report. It's using the system at a consultant level," says Hoddinott.

She said there has been a keen uptake of the bronze module since it was launched at the May conference with about 50 people already completing their first attempt.

The first to achieve the bronze accreditation status was Grant Leigh from Grant Leigh Rural, who can now go on to achieve silver.

"People have been really receptive to the new system so far. It seems to be seen as an exclusive club," Hoddinott quipped.

Participants at all levels of accreditation will be promoted on the Farmax website and associated media as accredited Farmax consultants.


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About Farmax:
Commercially launched in 2003, Farmax was developed by AgResearch and born out of 20 years of research. It is an evidence-based software system giving farmers the advantage of accurately modelling and monitoring pastoral farming systems. Farmax tools are utilised in many sectors of the pastoral industry, including Farmers, Ag consultants, other rural professionals, educational institutions and research organisations.