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HMC NEWS: Something's new around here

After 15 years, we thought it was about time we freshened up the HMC brand. You’ll notice we’ve changed our logo and we’ve also changed our name and website.

This isn’t a change for the sake of change. Our team has thought long and hard about the transformation and there are five key reasons behind the new look:

  1. The solutions HMC offers go beyond one word.
    Don’t worry – sparking change through clever communications is still at our heart. But as our PR agency embraces new approaches, new technologies, and modern PR practice we’re offering new solutions to clients that don’t fit 100% into the ‘communications’ basket. While we’ll never jump the divide that separates HMC from marketing or advertising agencies, there are blurred lines in the middle which is the realm we describe as ‘marketing communications.’ It’s in this marketing communications space that HMC has started to offer new PR solutions.  If we haven’t had the chance to tell you about these – let’s talk.
  2. Our tagline is all about results.
    After 15 years in the PR biz, we’ve finally nailed our elevator pitch! HMC helps clients get noticed and gain respect.  We draw on a unique range of solutions for each client to get it done.
  3. Our full-stop now makes a statement.
    We’ve taken the full-stop that was at the end of Our old HMC. logo and made it the feature. This is a strong visual declaration alongside our bold tagline. If you are looking for results – we can make it happen for you.
  4. We’re reinforcing our team approach.
    Our new website address – - reinforces our team approach. In recent years we’ve worked really hard to ensure there’s always more than one HMC team member assisting each of our clients – that way you get the benefit of the ‘power of the team.’ Sometimes this happens face-to-face and sometimes we’re simply brainstorming solutions behind the scenes. So while ‘HMC’ stands for my initials as founder, HMC has evolved beyond one person over the years to become one of New Zealand’s strongest PR teams – strong enough to be named the PR Consultancy of the Year (2018). 
  5. We’re making things simple for clients.
    Our new brand is simple and reflects a new way of working with clients. Your challenge may be complicated, but our unique approach ensures HMC’s solution is simple to understand while every every interaction with our team is enjoyable and filled with value.

We look forward to talking with each of our clients about not just our new look, but most importantly how HMC as a PR agency offers a greater range of high-impact solutions than ever before.