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Popular calf nutrition workshop is back

Popular calf nutrition workshop is back

Dairy Women's Network and SealesWinslow, a subsidiary of Ballance Agri-Nutrients, are again running free calf nutrition workshops throughout the country after last year's "extremely successful" events.

SealesWinslow's Nutrition and Quality Manager Wendy Morgan said Dairy Women's Network had already received expressions of interest from 14 regions throughout rural New Zealand, highlighting just how valuable the best practice workshops are to successful operations.

"Farmers recognise how important it is that they get calf rearing right," she said.

"Last year's Calf Nutrition Days were very well attended by those new to calf rearing, as well as those who had been doing it for years, and it looks like the workshops will be just as popular again this year."

She said the calf nutrition days are best practice-focused, but take into account that every farm has different calf rearing facilities, so provides practical ways to make the best use of existing pens, equipment and systems.

"We will cover successful task planning, your calf rearing teams and being aware of the different roles required, as well as best practice calf housing and set up."

Wendy will also do an in-depth session on evaluating feed options and what to look for in calf feed

"That includes looking at what a calf actually needs in feed, as well as what it doesn't," said Wendy.

The workshop is interactive and social, allowing attendees to draw on the knowledge of those taking the sessions, but also others who attend that have been calf rearing for many years.

The workshop agendas have been updated this year to make sure common topics that people asked about at last year's nutrition days are included.

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North Island dates:

  • Mid-Northern 22 June
  • Far North 22 June
  • Whangarei 23 June
  • North King Country 24 June
  • Bay of Plenty 29 June
  • Taupo 30 June
  • Taranaki 2 July
  • Manawatu 3 July
South Island dates:

  • Southland 21 May
  • Marlborough 8 June
  • West Coast 9 June
  • North Canterbury 18 June
  • Otago 21 July
  • North Otago 22 July