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CLIENT NEWS: New Zealand attempts World record in pool

English four-time Guinness World Record holder Dave Pearson is challenging New Zealanders to break his record on the pool table.

On Saturday 1 December Dave ‘Ginger Wizard’ Pearson will be hosted by Hamilton cue sports club Massé to witness a potential record-breaking attempt for the fastest 10-table clearance.

Players attempting to break the record will need to pocket 150 balls in total by sinking 15 balls, ten times over, in less than 8 minutes and 50.1 seconds.

“A kiwi cracking the world record would be a major game changer,” says Massé general manager Bernie Endres.

“It’s more than a great confidence boost for the person that achieves it; it would speak to the high caliber of players in New Zealand in a sport that’s steadily growing in popularity,” he says.

Endres would argue Pearson is one of the world’s most inspiring cue sports players. 

He has broken more than 20 world records and currently holds four: fastest pool table clearance (26.5 seconds); fastest two-table clearance (1 minute 20.1 seconds); fastest 10-table clearance (8 minutes 50.1 seconds); and most pool balls made in 24 hours (16,499).

On challenge day, players will compete for five hours in different challenges to secure a spot in the top five.

Later that evening, top-ranking players will get one attempt at breaking the world record.

Each competitor must play according to world speed pool rules, which include only hitting the cue ball when it is stationery and sinking the 8-ball last.

If the record is broken, Pearson will award the new record holder $100,000USD in prize money.

Accompanying Pearson to New Zealand is Billiards Congress of America Hall of Fame member, Tom ‘Dr. Cue’ Rossman.

Rossman is considered the founding father of modern day ‘artistic pool’. He’ll be coaching Massé members alongside Pearson for almost two weeks.

Endres says the fact that these two elite pool players are touring the country shows New Zealand cue sports players are competitive internationally.

“It will be great to have them with us to showcase a level of pool that kiwi players can aspire to,” Endres says.

“Massé has produced several world champions over the years and achieving a world record is an attainable goal for our players,” he says.

Photo credits: Christel Yardley/Stuff