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Herd of bikes for fosters kids

Herd of bikes for fosters kids

10 deserving young New Zealanders were very surprised and excited to be given new bikes at CRV Ambreed's sales conference last week.

The herd improvement company donated the bikes through Fostering Kids as part of a team building event called "Build My Ride".

Managing director of CRV Ambreed Angus Haslett said 10 teams completed a series of fun challenges designed to get people working together.

"Once the teams had earned a set of bike parts, they each constructed a bicycle and learnt the activity had a 'higher purpose'.

Teams were able to present their bicycle to a Fostering Kids foster child in-person, which was an "incredibly rewarding experience" for everyone involved.

"When the kids ran in and showed us how excited and happy they were to be getting their first bike, it was a pretty special moment for everyone," he said.

"We all had some great fun and it was very moving to see these bikes going to some deserving and very happy children."

Fostering Kids is a charitable organisation providing foster families with encouragement, support and education. Because of their past experiences, children in foster care can have challenging behaviours, and being a foster parent can be tough.

"Donating a new bike to a child in foster care is just one way to make a real difference to a foster family," Mr Haslett said.

CRV Ambreed's team building event was coordinated by Elevate, which runs corporate team building events for organisations across New Zealand.