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Top Jersey bull passes on

Top Jersey bull passes on

CRV Ambreed's highest ranked Jersey bull passed away over the weekend which his breeder said is a huge loss to New Zealand's dairy industry.

Pukeroa TGM Manzello's breeders, Alan and Vivian Lockwood-Geck, said they were saddened to hear their star sire had passed away while still in his prime.

"The thought of how many cows will not be inseminated by him over the next four to five years is a huge shame for the industry. He won't be easy to replace in the short-term," said Mr Lockwood-Geck.

Manzello was a defined favourite on New Zealand's Ranking of Active Sires (RAS) list. He first showed his prominence in February 2013 when he hit the top of the RAS list. He has maintained a top spot on the list ever since.

Jersey New Zealand general manager Warwick Dowse said he was a star result from Jersey New Zealand and CRV Ambreed's joint venture JerseyGenes™.

"He will make a significant impact in New Zealand and abroad with sons coming into AI and daughters becoming the next generation of brood cows," said Dowse.

Although young compared to other top sires like Firenze and Manhatten, he leaves a strong legacy in New Zealand and overseas with 467 daughters across 173 herds in New Zealand alone.

In his first three years as a proven bull, CRV Ambreed sold over 250,000 doses, which CRV Global Grazing Product Manager Peter van Elzakker says is quite extraordinary for a Jersey sire.

He has also been sold in every major Jersey farming country worldwide, including Australia, USA, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Chile, Columbia and Argentina.

"Manzello was frequently selected by farmers to improve the overall productivity, longevity and fertility of their herds. His daughters are well-liked and demonstrate good conformation and great shed traits," said van Elzakker.

Despite the sad passing of Manzello, CRV Ambreed's product management team believes there is an opportunity for the company's new bulls to shine, including Shepherds New Leader S1J, Freydan Goldie Presley and Paterangi Maunga Isaac.

Manzello passed away peacefully due to a progressive illness.