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A welcome third wheel for Hamilton interior design company

A welcome third wheel for Hamilton interior design company

Twenty-year-old Matt South is about to start his dream job with Hamilton company Turton/ Oliver Interior Design Ltd.

While he feels like the luckiest graduate in his class, his employers Bronwyn Turton and Mel Oliver, say they are the lucky ones to have South come on board, after he volunteered his services free of charge to gain experience from the pair.

Turton/Oliver Interior Design was born in 2007 when independently operating interior designers Turton and Oliver, joined forces to offer clients from the Waikato region and beyond a wealth of experience and combined skill in residential and commercial design.

Until now, the pair have done just that and with a great reputation and client base hadn't considered a need for a third designer to come on board.

"Matt is special. He is very skilled, passionate and dedicated," says Turton.

"We didn't have a position for him when he approached us about interning with us one day a week. But the way he fit into our team, and the skills and drive he displayed in that time with us, meant that it would have been harder for us to let him go somewhere else, than to find a position for him here."

"We're thrilled to have him join the team because we know how wonderful his appointment will be for our clients. He brings a whole new set of skills to the company," said Oliver.

South has just completed his Diploma in Interior Design with Wintec and will start with Turton Oliver Interior and Design in late January 2015.

He has received straight As throughout the two-year fulltime course and specialises in rendering and general 3D imaging.

"I'll bring a new way of doing things to Turton Oliver; a new way of displaying and showcasing ideas," he says.

"With my rendering experience – either by hand, or with a computer programme – I hope to broaden the range of projects the company can take on.

"I am personally very interested in commercial design and particularly retail and hospitality, but I also love the personal side to residential work."

The directors say commercial design is about 25 per cent of their client base presently, giving South an opportunity to grow that side of the business.

"I feel very grateful and flattered that Bronwyn and Mel want me on their team. In terms of business women in this industry, you would be hard pressed to find better operators than them," said South.

"They have a great system that works for them and I can't wait to learn more about that aspect of their company."

South had two other potential job offers lined up ahead of finishing his diploma earlier this month, but said the single biggest drawcard about working for Turton Oliver is that the directors offer "the perfect creative environment".

"The way they work together is really positive for design and creativity. It's an intimate company and their clients get the benefits of that. I can't wait to get stuck in."

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