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CLIENT NEWS: King Country Energy grants $6300 to community projects

king Country Energy (KCE) has announced $6300 will be distributed to four recipients of the latest Heartland Community Funding round.

Four community organisations in the King Country will receive a share of that financial support towards their community initiative, including Piopio College in the Waitomo District.

The college received funding to help pay for an outdoor fitness circuit to be built on the school grounds that can be used by students and the community.

Piopio College Funding Officer Donna Pari said the sports grounds were heavily used by the community already for rugby, netball and other sports.

“We did a lot of research early in the piece and discovered the community needed a space that would engage youth in sport,” she says.

The circuit, which is being called the Fitness Trail Zone, is expected to include 6 to 8 pieces of equipment, including the commando net being funded by the Heartland grant.

“Highschool is a crucial time of growth both physically and mentally, so the sports equipment will be of great value to help our teens keep engaged,” Pari says.

“We’re hoping the equipment will help their personal wellbeing and their academic studies. We’re so grateful to KCE for believing in our vision to engage youth in fitness,” says Pari.

The ‘Fitness trail zone’ is stage one of a larger project to revamp the area to engage youth and the community in fitness activities. The long-term vision includes resurfacing the netball courts and creating a multi-purpose sports area that connects with the Piopio Community Recreation Centre.

The Heartland community fund was established in 2014 to help meet the needs of the community. Since then, KCE has given more than 80 grants to community organisations in the region.

KCE Acting Chief Executive Chris Fincham is pleased the company can help make a difference. “We’re really proud of our King Country people who work tirelessly get initiatives off the ground that will heavily impact the community in a sustainable way.

“Every year we receive hundreds of applications and select groups for their ability to contribute to a safer, healthier, more sustainable and more connected King Country community,” he says.

The other Heartland funding recipients include Ohakune 2000 which will use the grant to fund historical signboards along the Mangawhero Walkway; King Country Rugby Union which is planning to install defibrillators in local rugby grounds; and Te Waka Pu Whenua group for erect the light trail for the Te Huapae o Matariki Winter Festival.

The next Heartland Funding round opens for applications from 1-31 July with the third round for 2018 in November.

More information can be found on KCE’s website ( or the KCE Facebook page.

PICTURED ABOVE:  Fitness circuit to-be: Back left Piopio College’s Deputy Head Boy Xavier Turner and Head Boy Ryan Singleton and front left Head Girl Te Miringa Coffin-Bell and Deputy Head Girl Jessica Schrafft on the land to be developed for the community Fitness Trail Zone.