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Keep kids safe this social summer season

Labour Weekend signals the start of the social summer season in New Zealand. 
The weather gets warmer, Christmas festivities and holiday planning begins – present shopping, menu setting, bach bookings, summer slim down programmes . . .

But this year, Child Matters – Hamilton-based national child advocacy organisation – is urging adults to keep something else in mind over the silly season: keeping your children safe.
Child Matters chief executive, Anthea Simcock, said this means ensuring there is at least one designated, non-drinking person to supervise children at every social gathering.
“It means that if your children are staying away from home, you know where they will be, and more importantly who else will be there. Find out if any other guests will be present,” she said.
“If children are present at a party or social occasion, remind guests to keep alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and lighters out of reach of children. And it also means considering your behaviour – what may be a fun party trick for an adult, may not be safe or appropriate for children to mimic.”
The message from Child Matters coincides with the upcoming child abuse prevention initiative Buddy Day on 14 November.
Buddy Day revolves around life-sized cardboard cutouts of children - ‘Buddies’ - that are adopted by adults, taken into communities and workplaces, and used as a tool to generate conversations about the wellbeing of our children – and that it’s up to all adults to keep kids safe.
There are four centres that adults can register to take part in Buddy Day: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington at .
If you are located outside one of those centres, you can still support the cause by finding out information about Buddy Day and what steps you can take, as adults, to keep Kiwi kids safe, visit .