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Media release: Milk-Bioactive Skincare Product is Innovation Award Finalist

Milk-Bioactive Skincare Product is Innovation Award Finalist

12 September 2014 

Quantec Ltd is excited to announce that its new product line, Epiology Skincare, has been named as a finalist in The New Zealand Innovators Awards.  

Quantec Ltd launched its Epiology Anti-Acne Cream into New Zealand pharmacies in April 2014. It is a clinically proven line of skincare targeted toward older teens and young adults with mild to moderate acne who have found regular use of common anti-acne treatments leaves their skin dried out, red and irritated.  

Epiology Anti-Acne Cream contains a novel, active protein-based ingredient sourced from New Zealand milk. Quantec Ltd has shown their patented set of bioactive proteins and enzymes, found in raw whole milk, is effective in alleviating conditions where certain bacterial infections lead to significant inflammatory conditions, such as acne.

  Founder and Managing Director of Quantec Ltd, Dr Rod Claycomb, explains that, “We are delighted to be a finalist in this year’s awards and it is excellent to be selected alongside some of the most innovative companies in New Zealand.”  

Dr Claycomb said, the company chose to launch its first skincare product into the acne market because, “although the acne market is large and dominated by a number of multi-national companies, when we took a closer look, we realised there has been little innovation in terms of new ingredients to treat acne over the past several years.  

“More importantly, the acne market is a rather under-served market of adult acne sufferers who feel the treatments, which are targeted towards teenagers, are often unsuitable to older, more sensitive adult skin. It appears from the demand for our product in pharmacies in New Zealand, that we were correct.”  

  During 2012, Quantec completed an 84 subject, randomised and controlled trial of subjects with mild to moderate acne in the US. 

  Overall, the clinical trial results demonstrated the benefits of using Epiology Anti-Acne Cream to help people with acne prone skin.

  The study showed Epiology Anti-Acne Cream - containing just 1% of its dairy based active ingredient called IDP® - provided subjects with a clearer and brighter complexion without irritation or redness and is particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin.  

Dr Claycomb said, “Quantec was founded on the value that all its products are proven through science and, as such, it was important to us to clinically test the effectiveness of Epiology Anti-Acne Cream as an acne prevention prior to developing and launching a commercial acne product.”

In Jan 2014, Quantec Personal Care Ltd partnered with New Zealand retail distributor Pharmabroker Sales Ltd, to distribute the Epiology Skincare to New Zealand pharmacies

  The retail distribution of the Epiology product range is supported by Pharmabroker Sales Ltd throughout New Zealand.  (NZ Free: 0508 664 455)