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Media release: Couple give up Auckland for a new slice of heaven in Cambridge

Couple give up Auckland for a new slice of heaven in Cambridge

16 September 2014

Like many other Kiwis, the first residents of Cambridge’s premier subdivision St Kilda have givenup the long commutes, higher costs of living and smaller living space for theirtake on the quarter acre ‘kiwi dream’.  

Matt andClaire Malligan sold their house in Auckland in 2010 and made the move toCambridge with their then one-year-old son.

 They purchased their section in St Kilda inJune 2013 have shifted into their brand new home a month ago.“Shiftingback to the Waikato was a big thing for us at the time and we definitely tookadvantage of the more affordable housing available.

  After hearing aboutthe St Kilda development, we decided to check it out.  When we first came through for a look, it wasjust dirt and paddocks, but the vision for the lifestyle convinced us thatliving here was the right thing to do,” said Mr Malligan.

“Livinghere means our children can enjoy the same sort of lifestyle that we bothenjoyed when we were growing up.  “InAuckland, we had a 400m section that sat right on the road front.  Wedidn’t know our neighbours and there was no feeling of being part of acommunity. 

Now, we don’t have to worryabout where our kids are playing, we know our neighbours, we’re part of acommunity, and this is a safe place for a family to live,” he said.

The Malligan’s have always had a connection to theWaikato with Mrs Malligan being raised in Cambridge and Mr Malligan originallyfrom Matamata.

“Ourcareers took us to Auckland about 15 years ago, but we had a change ofheart when it became time to start a family. So we made the decision to move back to the Waikato and now we’rethrilled to be in our new home,” he said.

While MrsMalligan works in Hamilton, a short 20-minute drive from Cambridge, Mr Malliganworks from home and is enjoying the benefits of better work-life balance.

"Workingfrom home has definite advantages.  Imake the most of the time I save not having to commute each day by getting outon the country roads and also using the new velodrome to fit a few bike ridesin each week," said Mr Malligan.

St Kilda owner and developer Matt Smith said St Kilda’s large sections, vastarray of walkways and cycle paths, and the superb outlook over the wetlandareas has attracted many other buyers like the Malligan’s. 

Around 40 sections have sold and 12 homes arecurrently under construction of which several are owned by couples and familieswho are shifting to the Waikato. 

“Of the many attractions to StKilda, the main draw card seems to be the space and lifestyle that St Kildaoffers. The large sections provide people with building options that aren’trestricted or confined by the limitations of small section boundaries,” said MrSmith.

“People can build bigger homesand still have section space to cater for their lifestyle; space for childrento play, gardens, a ‘man shed’, whatever they like!” 

St Kilda, winner of the 2014 urban land developmentsproperty award, is located on the outskirts of Cambridge, less than 4km fromthe town centre.  It combines a uniquerural outlook with upscale urban facilities.

 Stage 1 of the development is completed and Stage 2 iswell underway. The first sections at StKilda were sold earlier this year.The subdivision includes 80 hectares of land with 285sections and a 67-villa and 80-bed hospital care facility built by Bupa onsite.