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CLIENT NEWS: CRV Ambreed announces a new collaboration for BVD and Johne’s Disease

CRV Ambreed announces a new collaboration for BVD and Johne’s Disease

CRV Ambreed has appointed a new laboratory to enable New Zealand dairy farmers to gain access to further information about BVD and Johne's Disease from their herd testing.

The herd improvement company has announced an exclusive arrangement with Disease Research Ltd, part of the University of Otago. From June 2017, New Zealand farmers will get their normal herd test information on Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) and Johne's Disease (JD) but are now able to directly take that a step further with Disease Research Limited.

Says CRV Ambreed Managing Director Angus Haslett, "Currently, our herd testing provides New Zealand farmers with an initial positive or negative result for these diseases through an 'alert' service – it tells the farmer they may have an issue and need to investigate further.".

Now, the extended service offered by Disease Research Ltd provides farmers with the option of follow-up testing of individual cows, ensuring properly informed management and control.

Haslett says dairy farmers will be able to access this extended service and information by herd testing through CRV Ambreed. The service now offers an initial status at herd level, through to individual cow testing at Disease Research Ltd. "We are very pleased to be collaborating with specialists Disease Research Ltd to offer this extended service to farmers."

Disease Research Ltd is the southern hemisphere's only USDA-accredited laboratory with the ability to handle milk and serum samples.

BVD is considered serious and widespread in New Zealand dairy and beef herds, with DairyNZ estimating annual losses for dairy farmers of about $127 million. Johne's Disease is an infection caused by bacteria that can affect all ruminants; it's thought to cost the country between $40 million and $88 million in lost production each year.

Haslett says tackling these diseases is an opportunity for dairy farmers around the world. "Here in New Zealand it is important for us as a company to help farmers manage animal health issues and this ties in well with our philosophy of 'better cows, better life'."

CRV Ambreed staff will be available at the national Fieldays in June to talk with farmers about the new collaboration, or farmers can phone 0800 262 733 for more information.

Farmers who herd test and herd record with CRV Ambreed will also soon be able to receive cow Breeding Values for Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN). CRV Ambreed recently announced a genetic breakthrough around MUN. Using bulls from their LowN Sires™ team, cows bred for low levels of MUN are anticipated to produce less nitrogen in their urine, thereby reducing the impact of nitrogen leaching from pasture.

The genetic discovery has also been entered in the Innovation Award at Fieldays in the Launch NZ award category. This category recognises agribusiness products being launched to the New Zealand market by small- to medium-sized businesses that have strong agricultural relevance.