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The Importance of Google Reviews and How to Get More of Them

There’s an old adage that a builder’s house always needs the most work. And it’s sometimes true from our perspective that as a PR agency, sometimes we forget to do our own PR really well! And that’s certainly the case for us when it comes to being proactive in asking for online reviews.

We’ve recently decided to be purposeful in improving this part of our online reputation. So, we thought we’d share with you some of the improvements we are embarking upon. Perhaps you’ll decide to join us in doing the same?

Why are reviews important?

Potential customers rely heavily on online information to make decisions about products and services they buy and most of the time it starts with a Google search – this is where Google reviews come in.

Your reviews are directly linked to how easily people can find your business online and appear prominently in search results, straight under the paid ads section (see screenshot below) in the ‘’local pack’’ with a map indicating the precise location of each business which makes them particularly important for local businesses.

If your business has many reviews with a high star rating, Google will rank your business higher as it can be assumed that your customers have positive experiences. Additionally, Google also considers an ‘’active’’ business more relevant, meaning having a constant flow of new reviews and answering them, signals that your business is thriving.

Do people consult reviews, or are they just vanity metrics?

An average consumer reads about ten reviews about a company before they feel like they can trust the business and typically use two or more sites (Facebook is the 2nd most consulted site to look for reviews, after Google) to check reviews, according to a study by Bright Local.

What are the benefits of gaining positive reviews?

There are five benefits to building up your online reviews:

1.     Increase search visibility, ranking and traffic: if you have a constant stream of new reviews with high star ratings, Google will rank your business listing higher, resulting in people clicking through to your website more often

2.     Increase trust and credibility: Positive Google reviews act as social proof, showcasing that your business provides a quality product or service, making them more likely to choose your business.

3.     Have a competitive advantage: You’ll be surprised how many businesses don’t leverage the power of Google review in a strategic way, leaving opportunities on the table. Stand out by collecting positive, high-rated reviews.

4.     Receive customer feedback: Don’t be scared of negative reviews on Google. Respond promptly and work on improving your product or service.

5.     Use review as User-Generated Content: Google review can also be considered as a digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. You can display good reviews on your website or in your digital advertising.

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start paying attention to your Google reviews. With a little effort and a plan in place around the process, you will have more (and better) reviews in no time. Keep in mind, every business is different and the process will vary for everyone.

How do you get started?

Note, the prerequisite to receive reviews, is a Google My business (GMB) profile – you can sign up here.

For most tactics, you’ll require your review link which you’ll find by logging into your Google Business Profile Manager and clicking on the ‘’share review form’’ link (see below screenshot).

Then, once you’re set up and ready to go, here are five ways to encourage reviews:

1.     Ask your current clients for reviews: the most obvious one is to ask your current customers  (presuming they’re happy) – maybe give them a call first, then send them the review link via email or text message (text message has a better pick up). In most cases, for service-based businesses, this is the most effective way of getting positive reviews. It does help to give them a couple of ideas and tips on what to point out in their review whether it's the quality, speediness, or care of your products and services.

Use your email signatures: include the review link in all staff’s email signatures

1.     Use QR codes on marketing materials: You can place them anywhere: printed collateral, signage, flyers, product packaging, event materials, receipts, social media posts, etc.

1.     Embed a Google review widget on your website: embedding a review button makes it easier for happy customers to leave a review right after their positive experience. There are many free tools out there to generate a review widget – ie. or

2.     Use your social media channels: Share positive reviews on your social media channels and provide a link to your Google review page. When people see feedback from other consumers, they are more likely to leave their feedback as well. Also, include a Google review link alongside your business information in your social profile biography.

Lastly, there are many tools available that automate review requests, which can be helpful for businesses with a high volume of customers. However, these tools can be expensive and may sometimes result in less genuine reviews. It's best to start by selectively asking satisfied customers for reviews.

Google reviews are a low-cost strategy for boosting your business's online presence, building trust, and driving customer engagement. They enhance search visibility, increase credibility, and give you a competitive edge.

So, watch this space as HMC embarks on our ‘review journey.’  And if you want help getting yourself on track, give us a call if we can help.