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Pitching to media – get your timing right!

When a nationally significant event happens that threatens lives and livelihoods, it dominates the media. And rightly so! Every news outlet and media channel becomes saturated with stories about what happened, where, why and the people affected. And it can go on for weeks or even months.  

This has been the case since Cyclone Gabrielle wreaked havoc across the North Island. As such, it has been challenging to get pick up for good news stories.  

However, we have seen some appetite from media for expert commentary relating to the floods or content that offers valuable advice to those affected.  

What the situation highlights is the importance of pitching your stories to media at the right time.  

When people are focussed on surviving and rebuilding their lives, they are not interested in the appointment of your new CEO, new product launch or merger news. So don’t waste your time! Hold onto your story until the time is right.  

Ask yourself: Is your news topical right now and would people care? How can your story contribute to the conversation already happening in the media? Can you provide a unique perspective or offer valuable advice? Also, make sure your messaging is sensitive to those affected.