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Mark Hunter

Mark is one of HMC’s writers. In his life before HMC, he worked as an agency art director and freelance creative.

With his agency and marketing background, Mark brings a breadth of skills to HMC. These include brand creation and development, concept development, graphic design, copywriting for advertising + branding + social content, video scripting and storyboarding. At a pinch, he even does voice over work.

Mark’s perfect day is simple: An early start (with porridge and too much maple syrup) followed by exercise, then a slow drive to whatever café opens first. Add a good read during the day and a great curry in the evening while watching tennis with mates (his family qualify as mates).

Mark’s Key Strengths

  • Strategic messaging (uncovering the essentials)
  • A healthy aversion to beige execution
  • A fascination with whoever’s in front of him