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The PR Power of TikTok: using short-form video to achieve business goals

GUESTS: Vanessa Williams, general manager of HCBA & Vicky Redwood, marketing manager of HCBA

Join us in this episode as we delve into the dynamic world of TikTok and its transformation from a teenage playground to a business tool. 

Insights from a leading CEO and Marketing Manager will help you discover how organisations are leveraging the TikTok platform to boost reputation and build relationships. This episode will help you determine if TikToking is a good PR tool for your business. 

Vanessa Williams & 
Vicky Redwood


Meet the driving forces behind the Hamilton Central Business Association, General Manager Vanessa Williams and Marketing Manager Vicky Redwood.

Together, they lead an organization dedicated to championing the needs of central city businesses, fostering a dynamic business community, and showcasing the heart of Hamilton as a thriving hub of innovation and activity.

Vanessa and Vicky work hard to make sure the Hamilton CBD is known for its fantastic businesses and activities. They also make sure that the businesses in the area have a strong voice on important issues and projects.

Thanks to their leadership, the Hamilton Central Business Association plays a vital role in keeping the CBD vibrant and growing.

Jamie Batters


Jamie Batters is HMC’s Digital PR Content Coordinator. She works alongside our Senior Account Managers to develop exciting content for a range of client platforms.

Having completed her Bachelor of Communication majoring in Digital Marketing, Jamie brings a thoughtful and confident approach to the digital landscape.

Driven by a love for storytelling with purpose, her strengths lie in optimising tech platforms to share content that make people feel connected.