Social Media

Gone are the days when organisations could treat their social media as an add-on to their ‘serious’ communications channels or a think of them as a nice-to-have. Now, organisations need to 'be social', not just 'do social'.

For the vast majority of organisations, social channels are an essential communications tool that allow for direct, quick and cost-effective communications with both mass and niche audiences. 

As a PR agency, we approach social media in a much different way than most advertising, marketing or social media agencies.  We ensure that your social strategy entirely aligns with your organisation’s wider communications strategy and contributes to your business goals. We recognise that social media isn't about individual posts, it is about the relationships you build with current and potential clients/customers.

Our holistic communications approach means each post aligns to a bigger goal and brings you one step closer to building the reputation and relationships you desire. 

HMC can help you get your social on track and manage your channels with efficiency and ease.

Digital Marketing

While the heart of our business at HMC is very much public relations, we know there are times when your communications campaign can be amplified through a complementary digital marketing plan.

Our digital marketing team can help you with a vast range of digital add-ons.  This expertise means the PR campaigns HMC develops  are not launched in a vacuum, but also include a few well-executed digital marketing tactics to boost results.
The digital marketing services HMC provides, include:

  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Digital marketing channel audit 
  • Digital marketing strategy 
  • Google Ads advertising (search, display, YouTube, Gmail) 
  • Using Google Analytics to develop campaign goals 
  • Re-marketing campaigns 
  • Email campaigns 
  • Mobile location geo-targeting and a range of other innovative digital marketing tactics