Communications Strategy & Planning

If you hang around the HMC team long enough, you’ll soon hear us say, “We always start with a plan.”

For our key clients, we take them through an annual planning process. We work together with their leadership teams to put together a communication plan that sits alongside the business plan to help achieve business goals.

Whether you need a corporate communications strategy or a tactical communications plan, HMC can help.

Project PR

Projects crop up throughout the year where you know you need to manage communications risk, utilise traditional and social media, influence influencers, communicate important news to staff, customers and others. 

HMC helps our clients carefully think through a detailed communications plan so that project goals are achieved, everyone is informed along the way and your reputation is enhanced through your communications process.

Outsource Your Comms Team

Why hire one communications professional when you can hire a full comms team?

If you’ve been thinking your organisation requires a part- or full-time communications resource, but you aren’t sure of the skills you need, HMC can help.

Or if your organisation has gone through a restructure and need a team to fill the gap while you work through the hiring process, we can come in and hit the ground running straight away.

For around the same cost as hiring a senior communications professional, you can contract our full team. Then, as your business changes and projects ebb and flow, we assign the HMC team member with the best skills for each job.

This means you get a senior person when issues and crises arise or when strategy support is required. You get great advice and content development through our account managers. And when you need to crunch through some basic writing or social posts, our juniors are on the case.

At HMC, we are always focused on getting our clients the very best return on their communications investment. Outsourcing to our team means your communications budget is utilised in the very best way possible. 

Don’t be restricted by one person’s limited skill set. Get everything you need in one package with HMC.

Staff Communications

One of the most effective ways to increase staff motivation, provide a reason to come to work everyday and inspire a great sense of team is through clear and effective top-down, bottom-up and sideways communication.

HMC can bring an external perspective and help you assess how your company communicates with staff.  We’ll keep what’s working, ditch what’s not and provide a few new tools to freshen up your internal communications channels.  

The end result will be a positive culture with all your staff rowing in unison, together in in the same boat to achieve your business goals.