Staff culture change programme: Pinnacle MHN

Client Challenge

Pinnacle needed communication assistance with developing and implementing an internal campaign to strengthen its waning organisational culture and improve it’s internal communications systems and processes.

HMC Solution

We worked with Pinnacle to develop the ‘Coast to Coast’ (C2C) project.

HMC managed the internal communications for this project including establishing newsletters, the company’s first closed Facebook group, and material for group meetings to help keep staff engaged throughout the campaign. 


  • Feedback from a post-C2C workforce survey revealed positive levels of engagement amongst staff, with 85% of respondents saying they met new people they wouldn’t normally meet via the five month long project.
  • An impressive 77 culture-related or systems and processes-related solutions were developed throughout.
  • HMC since wrote and submitted an awards application for the NZ HR Awards 2018, to which Pinnacle became a finalist.