A digitally-led shareholder campaign: King Country Energy

Client Challenge

When electricity retailer King Country Energy was formed in 1999, shares were issued to the then-electricity consumers in the southern part of the King Country (Taumarunui, Mangakino, Ohakune, National Park).

These shares have since been traded on the Unlisted stock exchange and share registry. In the past 18 years, about 740 of these shareholders have moved away, died, or cannot be found and are considered Gone No Address (GNA) shareholders.

King Country Energy (KCE) needed help to find 740 “missing” shareholders.

HMC Solution

We developed a campaign strategy on a very minimal budget that focused on engaging people in our target audience to pass the message on to people they may know or contact the share registry to see if they were owed dividends.

The campaign included a set of media stories aligned with a Facebook campaign.


  • In total there were 170 inquiries from the 740 missing shareholders (22% of our GNA audience).
  • Through all communications (traditional media, website and Facebook), between 1 November and 31 December 2017, KCE reached at least 185,000 - 250 times the size of our GNA target audience (740 GNAs).
  • Feedback from customers, stakeholders and potential lost shareholders, their friends, family and workmates was largely positive The “Psst, pass it on” message spread throughout the King Country community - we connected with a good number of our GNA shareholders!