Viral social campaign: Creators Educational Trust

Client Challenge

This ECE with several daycare centres and a network of homebased carers across the country wanted a campaign to inspire their staff, families and the wider community about the importance of play for children's learning and development. This was to position the client as a thought leader in the early childhood education sector, and engage with current and potential new families. 

HMC Solution

We developed a campaign concept and video script that focused on connecting the generations through play, and the importance of the outdoors, and child-led play. We launched the video, Play,  with a multi-faceted campaign, including a social media strategy and press release.


  • Facebook engagement skyrocketed and website visits increased significantly; and ultimately the campaign led to increased child enrolments.
  • Video received almost 20,000 views and continues to be shared on social media.
  • Traditional media engagement included a front-page story in the Weekend section of the Waikato Times, a major story on, a story with Oh Baby! Magazine, and a further requests to write articles by education and parenting media.