Media Management

If publicity through online, print, radio or TV is something your company requires then HMC can help.

HMC has excellent relationships with journalists, editors and producers throughout New Zealand in a wide range of mass and industry-specific media.

Our full team has a nose for news, we know how to write press releases for news media and we know what news stories editors want.

Take a look at our News page to see a range of media stories we've written for clients recently.

Relationship Building

Whether you are a business or a not-for-profit, there are many different people whose opinions and actions influence the success of your organisation.

These influential people might be local government leaders, industry bodies, major customers, outspoken people in your community, neighbouring businesses or residents and more.

For your business to succeed, you want to ensure each of these influential groups are well-informed about your organisation. And you want them to feel valued and understood.

Building relationships with influencers within your community and beyond takes a planned and purposeful approach. 

HMC can help you develop an effective plan to ensure you have great relationships that help – not hinder – you to achieve your goals.

Government Relations

Many HMC clients have a need to engage with local and central government – both politicians and officials. Yet most aren’t sure exactly where to start.

HMC Communications helps our clients by:

  • Researching the most important people to engage with
  • Advising on how that engagement should occur
  • Helping to book briefing meetings
  • Putting together an ongoing communications and engagement plan
  • Working on key messaging and engagement goals

For specialist central government engagement, we work hand-in-hand with a trusted lobbyist who works inside the Beehive on a weekly basis. 

And most importantly, we ensure our client’s government relations activities align to their over-arching communications goals.