Marketing Communications

While marketing and public relations (PR) are two very different disciplines, we believe PR can be used to amplify your marketing efforts.

Your marketing action plan starts with your sales goals. And your marketing efforts are about making the phones and tills ring.

A great PR plan can sit alongside your marketing plan to give your efforts a boost. HMC’s marketing communications support often includes:
  • Media publicity relating to a market situation, product or customer
  • Publicity stunts and campaigns that align with marketing launches
  • Customer testimonials for online and social use
  • Advertorial and advert writing
  • Writing for web, brochures, flyers, customer letters and newsletters
  • And more….

Give us a call to learn more about how a great PR plan can give your marketing campaign a shot in the arm.

Product Launch Publicity

When an organisation launches a new product, service or even a new company, media publicity can be the best value for money in getting the word out to the public and your industry.

At HMC, we have a structured approach to creating a launch publicity plan for clients when these opportunities arise. 

And we take a strategic approach to everything we do – your publicity plan will always align to your business goals. For instance, if you are looking for international investment then we work to get your stories picked up in media outlets that reach an international audience. Or if you are launching a product for a particular industry solution, we target the best-read and viewed industry media.


One of the best ways to build relationships and raise profile is through great events.

Our skilled team is adept at managing events from sorting the invitations to pouring the wines – and everything in between. And at every turn we are working to ensure you are reaching your audiences and achieving your desired business outcomes.

Plus, when your event has a news component we will ensure you’re covered by the most relevant news channels. And we’ll be sure to maximise engagement before, during and after the event on social.

HMC takes the stress of events away from you, so you can have fun (we put on a great party!). 

Videography and Script Writing

The old saying is that a photo is worth a thousand words. In that case, a good video is probably worth ten thousand! And when it comes to social media content, great imagery is critical.

That’s why our team is skilled at capturing basic video to suit both social media and a news media context. This in-house videography skill allows our clients the benefit of gathering engaging imagery without blowing the budget.

We also have experience writing video scripts and developing social media campaigns to ensure your video is seen by your audience.

And when you have projects that need that next level of professionalism, HMC has preferred videographers we work closely with and whom we trust to produce an amazing result every time.


Great photography is critically important. You cannot expect to get good results on any digital media without it. 

Plus, our friends at Getty Images have told us that sending out a great photo with a media release can increase the chances of pickup by over 45%.

The HMC team has the equipment and nous to take great photos for social and digital channels.  Plus, we can capture a great pic to accompany the media releases we write for you.

And when you have projects that need that next level of professionalism, HMC has preferred photographers we work closely with and whom we trust to produce an amazing result every time.