If used wisely, social media influencers can become a key part of your social media and wider communications activity. Finding the right social media influencers for your company, brand or service allows you to spread your main messages, raise brand awareness and create a partnership between a person of influence and your brand. This can build brand confidence, interest and achieve purchase conversions.

Most important when embarking on activity with social media influencers is to select an influencer (or group of influencers) that really connects with your brand and is tailored to your business, to ensure that their audience sees it as an authentic association. We’ll work with you to identify your ideal social media influencer personality, to ensure the best return on your investment and mitigate any risks.

We can manage the social media influencer process for you, from the creative spark behind the campaign, to identifying influencers and liaising with them to deliver your brand into their hands. We recommend thinking of social media influencers as a long game; the outcomes are best if you build long-term relationships with them, so consumers see a genuine and continuous connection.  We offer:

  • Social influencer strategy
  • Product seeding
  • Social influencer outreach
  • Negotiating long-term partnerships