We offer PR training, digital marketing training on a range of platforms, crisis comms and marketing comms training

Get 50% Funding for our Training Services from NZTE's Management Capability Development Fund

The Management Capability Development Fund enables businesses to access expert training and is administered through the Regional Business Partner Network. Vouchers may be provided to business owners to enable them to access training services that can fulfil a skill gap identified by the RBP growth advisor.  

HMC is registered under this scheme as a training service provider.  Just contact us to see how we can help you with PR training, digital marketing training, crisis comms or marketing comms training.

For more information about this funding scheme go to the Regional Business Partner Network

Tailored comprehensive digital marketing training

Our full range of digital marketing training services will help you expand your digital footprint to allow you to :

  • elevate your brand,
  • engage your target audience and
  • ultimately grow your business.

Our bespoke digital marketing training service includes :

How to develop a digital marketing strategy and plan

  • Brand story, core marketing messages
  • Mission, vision and value statements
  • SWOT analysis
  • SMART digital goals
  • Digital marketing funnel
  • Buyer personas
  • Channels (website, social, email)
  • Tactical plan

How to set up and run social media advertising campaigns

Including : 

  • sales funnels
  • ad copy
  • budget setting
  • campaign schedules and 
  • optimising and reporting

Search engine optimisation

Basics of SEO 

Website content optimisation

How to implement brand story and key messaging on web

How to set up email marketing software

Email marketing automation including : 

  • email marketing software
  • lead capture
  • nurture campaigns
  • E-newsletter creation 

How to measure results and effectively use web analytics data

How to effectively use Google Analytics data including how to :

  • Implement Google Analytics on website
  • Implement Google Tag Manager on website
  • Set up website goals
  • Interpret results and optimise accordingly
  • Create a custom Google Data Studio report 

PR training to suit your needs

Our full range of marketing communications and public relations training helps empower clients with new skills that help them tell their stories, build relationships, expand their digital footprints and navigate issues and crises. 

This training support is customised to the client’s specific needs. The training works best when the client brings along a specific issue, challenge or opportunity. This situation will be used as the basis for the training to make it a practical exercise. 

 As a first step, talk to us at HMC to see if your situation is one that we can help through this bespoke PR and marketing communications training programme

We can provide bespoke public relations and marketing communications training in the following areas:

Communications/ public relations strategy

You may need a communications plan to sit alongside your business plan.  Our trainers can walk you through how to develop a bespoke plan for your situation and provide training on the best way to implement the plan to achieve your goals. 

Marketing communications

You may be launching a new product or service and need a publicity plan to give your marketing a boost.  Or you may simply want to add some public relations tactics to your marketing mix.  Our trainers can teach you how to put together a practical PR plan alongside your marketing efforts. 

Content development

You may need some help writing for different communications channels.  Our trainers can provide advice and training on how to write for multiple channels including media releases, websites, social media, search engine adverts, newsletters and more. 

Media publicity and interviews

You may need to gain some media publicity.  Our trainers will walk you through how to write a media release, develop a media pitch, liaise with media for the best result, find the right journalist to target and develop long-lasting media relationships. We can also provide training to help you prepare for your next media interview.

Social media communications

Developing communications plans for social media channels takes a particular skill.  We will walk you through the many dos and don’ts of social communication and teach you how to develop a social media plan, voice and content that will impact your audience. 

Social influencer strategy

If you’re wanting to know more about how to use social influencers to help boost your company or product awareness and sales, we can help.  Our trainers will train you on how to find the best influencers, how to work with them for the best results and how to ensure you are complying with Advertising Standards . 

Client / stakeholder communications

Creating, maintaining and enhancing strong relationships with customers, the community, business and civic leaders and other influential people and organisations is important for business success. We can advise on a PR strategy that will help you prioritise relationship building across your organisation.

Small community events used for awareness raising and publicity

Community events are a great way to raise awareness of your company and products, give back to the community and generate publicity around your brand.  If you are wanting to make sure your events add value to your reputation, our trainers can train you on some practical and easy ways to leverage your events with communications and publicity that reaches your audience. 

Navigating reputational issues

If you have a potential negative issue that could emerge in your business, and want help to understand how to mitigate that issue with solid, strategic communications, we can help.  Our trainers will take you through how to develop an issues management comms plan, how to develop a media holding statement, what you should and shouldn’t do on social media as well as other channels. We’ll also touch briefly on some key points of what to do when issues escalate into crises (note, this is not a full crisis comms training programme). 

Crisis communications for groups or individuals

The importance of understanding, maintaining and enhancing reputation cannot be overstated in today’s world. Organisations need to know how social media and media, relationships, staff actions and much more can impact on a crisis - and how to communicate through that.

Our trainers will work with business owners/managers, and their leadership teams, to train them in how to plan for communicating effectively in a crisis.  The emphasis of this training focuses on traditional and social media management.